For XIII-XV centuries, poltina was initially the name of the Russian monetary-weight cost unit equal to half a ruble of gold bar. At first this coin was introduced and circulated as a currency in 1654, it was minted from copper having a weight of 16-20 g.

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About the Bank

Russian International Bank was incorporated in Moscow in 1994 by the group of Russian and foreign companies aimed at establishing a reliable financial institution with a wide range of up-to-date banking services provided.

Russian International Bank is a member of the following professional banking unions and specialized systems of financial market:

  • Russian Bankers Association;
  • Moscow Banking Union;
  • National Currency Association;
  • National Stock Association;
  • Moscow International Currency Association;
  • International Payment System VISA International (associated member);
  • International Payment System MasterCard Worldwide (affiliated member);
  • Currency Market Section of Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange;
  • Stock exchange of Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange;
  • Reuters Dealing system;
  • SWIFT system;
  • Deposit Insurance System;
  • Partnership with OJSC National Credit Reference Bureau.