Watermarks are recognizable images in paper that appear lighter when viewed by transparent light. They are used as anti-counterfeiting devices on money and securities. In 1818 in Saint-Petersburg, the method of impressing a pattern on a grid was applied at the factory of state paper. This method was later applied in all other counties as well as it simplified the production process, making it easier to make the most complex and well-defined patterns

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About the Bank

Russian International Bank was incorporated in Moscow in 1994 by the group of Russian and foreign companies aimed at establishing a reliable financial institution with a wide range of up-to-date banking services provided.

Russian International Bank is a member of the following professional banking unions and specialized systems of financial market:

  • Russian Bankers Association;
  • Moscow Banking Union;
  • National Currency Association;
  • National Stock Association;
  • Moscow International Currency Association;
  • International Payment System VISA International (associated member);
  • International Payment System MasterCard Worldwide (affiliated member);
  • Currency Market Section of Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange;
  • Stock exchange of Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange;
  • Reuters Dealing system;
  • SWIFT system;
  • Deposit Insurance System;
  • Partnership with OJSC National Credit Reference Bureau.