Watermarks are recognizable images in paper that appear lighter when viewed by transparent light. They are used as anti-counterfeiting devices on money and securities. In 1818 in Saint-Petersburg, the method of impressing a pattern on a grid was applied at the factory of state paper. This method was later applied in all other counties as well as it simplified the production process, making it easier to make the most complex and well-defined patterns

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Sponsorship and charity

Russian International Bank considers it social duty to allot a significant part of its funds to preserve cultural and human values, sports events and other goodwill projects.

Sponsorship and charity is an important approach relative to support of different social life spheres of our country.

Charity is of great importance for the Bank as it allows employees to be aware of current situations and to form corporate culture and active social position.

This is the current list of goodwill projects, ideas and initiatives sponsored by the Bank:

Sergiev Posad children's home
Zubtsovskiy children's home
All-Russian Rhythmic-Sportive Gymnastics Federation