For XIII-XV centuries, poltina was initially the name of the Russian monetary-weight cost unit equal to half a ruble of gold bar. At first this coin was introduced and circulated as a currency in 1654, it was minted from copper having a weight of 16-20 g.

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Sponsorship and charity

Russian International Bank considers it social duty to allot a significant part of its funds to preserve cultural and human values, sports events and other goodwill projects.

Sponsorship and charity is an important approach relative to support of different social life spheres of our country.

Charity is of great importance for the Bank as it allows employees to be aware of current situations and to form corporate culture and active social position.

This is the current list of goodwill projects, ideas and initiatives sponsored by the Bank:

Sergiev Posad children's home
Zubtsovskiy children's home
All-Russian Rhythmic-Sportive Gymnastics Federation