In the XVII century, a coin known the altyn became a Russian money unit. It is believed that this altyn coin played a role as a transitional money unit connecting the coinage units of various princedoms and Golden Horde. At the time, 1 altyn was equal 6 Moscow units.

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Corporate clients

Elite Corporate services is our financial specialization

Russian International Bank is the first bank in the Russian market that is operating in accordance with the concept of providing elite corporate services.

Elite corporate bank service includes:

·          exclusive service;

·          exclusive product offering;

·          exclusive financial management;

·          we serve only  VIP–clients;

·          we do not provide our clients with a list of products, we create products in accordance with their needs;

·          our target is not only to sell banking services but to solve problems

Personal manager’s services

In order to provide our VIP-clients with first-class service, Russian International Bank establish a department of personal managers which perform the following principles:

·  carefully follow our clients’ interests, execute all clients’ orders without delay;

·  high business ethics;

·   exclusive service – development of individual solutions in accordance with the clients’ needs;

 ·   maximum servicing convenience for each client;

·    strict confidentiality;

·    long-term strategic cooperation with the client – “We are developing together”.An excellent team of high-experienced  professionals provides banking services at the highest level.