Exchange bureau were the first private commercial institutions to keep money, issue loans, exchange foreign coins for national ones. In the Russian empire in 1769, banks dealing with notes were opened in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg as well as in other large cities, their offices to change damaged metal coins for banknotes.

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Transactions in the equity market

Russian International Bank offers the full service package on the Russian equity market in the sphere of trading of corporate and government securities (shares and bonds) and derivative securities (futures and options) for credit institutions, legal entities and private persons.

Bank renders the services under the following licenses::
- On the securities market on the basis of license of professional market maker to conduct brokerage activity dated August 31, 2006 [License #177-09373-100000] issued by the Federal Financial Markets Service;
- On the derivatives market on the basis of license of stock intermediary to conduct future and option transactions in exchange activity in the territory of the Russian Federation dated September 28, 2006 887 issued by the Federal Financial Markets Service;

Depositary acts on the grounds of license of professional market to conduct depositary activity issued by the Federal Commission for the Securities Market 177-09387-000100 dated August 31, 2006.

The Bank takes the opportunity to serve its Clients by telephone, fax and by our QUIK system which enables securities trading on-line at the Stock Exchange.