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The first pilot model of modern cashpoint dispensers appeared before World War II in New York. Soon after, in 1967, the first cash dispenser, or automatic teller machine, appeared in London at a Barclay’s bank branch. And while some were skeptical and for some time even unwilling to receive their money through a machine, today there are over 1.5 million ATM machines installed all over the world.

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Program «RIB-Advanced»

Express settlements

  • "Extended transaction day”;
  • “Immediate Payments”;
  • “Netting-Payments”.

Cash service

  • “Transfers under cash”;
  • “Personal Safe”.

Full-time information service

  • Internet–info;
  • “Clients-Bank On-Line”.

Personal management

  • “Personal Manager”;
  • “Personal Mail-teller”.

Currency agent

  • “Immediate transaction ID”;
  • “Currency Consultant”.

Financial inspector

  • “Summer Mode of Account Keeping”;
  • “Settlement Audit”.

Legal adviser

  • “Individual Mode of Account Opening”;
  • “Personal Lawyer”.