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For XIII-XV centuries, poltina was initially the name of the Russian monetary-weight cost unit equal to half a ruble of gold bar. At first this coin was introduced and circulated as a currency in 1654, it was minted from copper having a weight of 16-20 g.

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Program «RIB-Advanced»

Express settlements

  • "Extended transaction day”;
  • “Immediate Payments”;
  • “Netting-Payments”.

Cash service

  • “Transfers under cash”;
  • “Personal Safe”.

Full-time information service

  • Internet–info;
  • “Clients-Bank On-Line”.

Personal management

  • “Personal Manager”;
  • “Personal Mail-teller”.

Currency agent

  • “Immediate transaction ID”;
  • “Currency Consultant”.

Financial inspector

  • “Summer Mode of Account Keeping”;
  • “Settlement Audit”.

Legal adviser

  • “Individual Mode of Account Opening”;
  • “Personal Lawyer”.