The stock exchange is a cooperation which provides trading facilities for stock brokers and traders to trade stock and other securities. Under Peter 1 in 1703, the (St.) Petersburg general stock exchange was established. It performed all monetary exchanges within the Russian empire.

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Russian International Bank traditionally develops good cooperation with foreign and Russian financial institutions in order to strengthen its credit history, establish correspondent relations with new banks and provide the clients with banking services in accordance with international standards.Russian International Bank maintains business relations with banks from Moscow and other regions of Russia, USA, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the Baltic States, Ukraine and Kazakhstan which help to meet all clients’ requirements efficiently.
Bank is an active participant in the interbank market. Russian International Bank is a member of currency section of the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange and the Federal Bureau of Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange. It is an interbank market-maker both in Russia and foreign countries, and a professional participant of the securities market which provides the counterparties with the whole range of the following banking services:

· settlement and cash services in rubles and foreign currency;

·  interbank lending within existing limits and under pledging of securities and foreigncurrencies as collateral;

·   foreign exchange operations;

· banknote operations;

· security operations – shares, bonds, promissory notes;

·  brokerage operations with shares, bonds and derivative instruments;

· custodian operations;

·  own debt instruments operations;

·  organization and service of bonds and bills loans;

· trade finance;

·  Bank-Managed Mutual Fund.


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Treasury - ext. 360, 362, 365, 361, 367;

Custody - ext. 276, 275.