The first Russian state institution of a bank nature was established by Peter I to mint coins. This office later proceeded to offer banking services and even loans on securities such as gold and silver at an amount not exceeding 75% of their total cost and at the rate of 8% per annum with the right to postpone payment for 3 years. While these services existed, only courts enjoyed money changing services for many years before the services were offered to the greater public.

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Foreign exchange and interbank transactions

Russian International Bank concludes different kinds of interbank transactions with all main world currencies:

· within fixed blank limits;

·  within fixed covered limits against the following collaterals:

· government securities nominated in rubles and foreign currency

· corporate securities nominated in rubles and foreign currency;

· bank and corporate notes (own notes of Russian International Bank are preferred).

Being a member of the currency section of the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange and having access to futures market in Russia and USA, Russian International Bank provides contracting parties with an opportunity to conduct FX transactions in all main world currency pairs.

Russian International Bank offers the following  services for financial institutions:

· purchase/sale of hard currencies and currencies of CIS countries in the interbank market within fixed blank or mortgage limits;

· conclusion of FX transactions on “Split Value”  basis or subject to early cover without fixed limit;

· conclusion of forward transactions in USD/RUB market;

· access to futures market of the main world currencies in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.


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