Watermarks are recognizable images in paper that appear lighter when viewed by transparent light. They are used as anti-counterfeiting devices on money and securities. In 1818 in Saint-Petersburg, the method of impressing a pattern on a grid was applied at the factory of state paper. This method was later applied in all other counties as well as it simplified the production process, making it easier to make the most complex and well-defined patterns

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Private clients

Together with the wide range of the banking services we provide to our corporate clients, Russian International Bank successfully cooperates with private clients as well, offering them exclusive financial services, convenient service conditions, and attractive deposit interest rates.

Strategically we are oriented on the standards of services offered by some of the leading Swiss private banks: Bank Vontobel A.G., Bank Hottinger & Cie, Bank Julius Baer & Co. 

Meanwhile, taking into account the risks, we are ready to offer our client better services on a number of aspects. We offer high return, operational efficiency and flexibility in resolving current issues in relation to banking services. We also provide truly individual services, easy and efficient settlement system with remote access, and an unlimited range of intellectual products and services of our trusted partners – Russian and foreign attorneys, auditors, certifying officers, tax consultants, appraisers, and patent solicitors.

Knowing and understanding the risks, Russian International Bank offers its clients the best services and conditions within.  We also offer truly individual services, an easy and efficient settlement system with remote access and unlimited range of intele products, and services of our trusted partners.