The first pilot model of modern cashpoint dispensers appeared before World War II in New York. Soon after, in 1967, the first cash dispenser, or automatic teller machine, appeared in London at a Barclays bank branch. And while some were skeptical and for some time even unwilling to receive their money through a machine, today there are over 1.5 million ATM machines installed all over the world.

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Private banking

Dear ladies and gentlemen!
You are wealthy and successful.
You want to be sure that your capital is employed and will be employed with maximum return, safe and secure.

We are glad to offer you Private Banking.
Experienced and professional banking managers will offer you carefully developed individual solutions optimally desigtned for you.

Full confidentiality. Our Private Banking department operates in accordance with the mode “A Bank within a Bank”. Work in the department is structured under the same principle of strict confidentiality.  

Individual approach. We are ready to communicate and can directly provide individual solutions for each Private Banking client.

High professionalism of the staff. Our Private Banking team consists of experienced banking managers with an advanced leve of knowledge of the financial markets and banking services.

Alignment on long-term perspective.We would like to build steady, longstanding relations with our Private Banking clients.

Know your Client. Both our and the reputation of our cilents very important to us and we will continuously strive to make it better.

    Product line for private clients includes:

  • Settlement services and operations with cash, VISA plastic cards, individual safe deposits, individual exchange rates;
  • Different kinds of deposits.
  • Asset management, brokerage services, alternative investments, loan facilities.
  • Insurance of movable and real property, transport, luxuries, pledges, individual programs of life-insurance for VIP-clients.
  • Consultancy services including legal and notarial monitoring, tax and financial-legal consulting, auditing and accounting support;
  • Assistance in opening personal accounts in the largest foreign banks, registration and sale of foreign companies,
  • Supplement services.


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